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    What The Frick is an INFJ?

    The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator is an introspective self-report questionnaire with the purpose of indicating differing psychological preferences in how people perceive the world around them and make decisions. The MBTI was created by Isabelle Briggs and her mother and was influenced by Carl Jungs theory that humans experience the world using four principal psychological functions – sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking. Those dominate functions often relate to how we think, feel, understand things.  Some feel these determinations are vague and self applied like astrological signs and descriptions. Whether you believe in it or not, my Aries description is very much an accurate description of me and the INJF determination I…

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    Diversity of Dreadlocks

    I started my dreadlocks in the fall  of 2014. They began with twist and rip and some back combing around 6 months and on occasion for maintenance but they are pretty much free range locs 😉 One of the most criticial comments I get on my locs is regarding cultural appropriation. “Dreadlocks are for black people”. This is mainly an American stereotype, perpetuated by television and movies. The reality is no one culture owns dreadlocks. All hair matts. And all cultures have embraced that. And once you start looking, it’s amazing to see that not only are Dreadlocks diverse in culture. They are diverse in style. Most everyone thinks of Bob…

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    I don’t always have a good memory when recalling events, especially recalling emotions but I remember everything I felt that day. I remember every detail of that day. I remember the sounds, the smells. The pain. It’s burned in my head. William should be two today. He would be having a blast outside with his older brothers and sister playing in the fort. He would be running to me to tell me of all the things he found. But he’s not. He’s laying in his grave not far from where I sit right now. He was beautiful. He was perfect. And he’s gone. And it fucking hurts.

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    Time and Focus

    I have so many blogs in my head that I feel the need to write but just can’t seem to get them done. Being a wife, mom and business owner I rarely have time to write, and really, unless you are a professional writer no one really does. But time isn’t the real obstacle here. Focus is. I am really good at starting blogs. But then I get to a point of where do I go from here? How do I wrap up my thoughts? I lose my focus and add another post to my draft mode collection and move on to my next thought. I think I’ll work on…

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    Nothing New

    I have an old FB page I no longer use but on occasion I come across screenshots of it. Today I was reminded of a post from July 5, 2013. I no longer recall the conversation, but my reply resonates here today. And it reminded me that these struggles are not new. People have been trying to bully and harass us long before the day I finally put my foot down. “Yesterday a stalker found it fit to come harass me on my FB page. I didn’t feel she deserved an explanation of her accusations, but felt since I am a very open person, I was making an open response.…

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    Not Just A DUI

    I’ve lived in Breckinridge County since December of 2011. It’s a small county, no big towns, it’s quiet and peaceful as far as a community goes. But like most small communities there is also the “good ole boy” dynamic. It’s not usually an issue for me as I keep to myself and don’t care to be involved in the affairs of others, but at times these situations do have an impact on my life. It’s no secret I have great disdain for the Breckinridge County Sheriff, Jerome Todd Pate. For about 15 years now I’ve been outspoken about police corruption, thin blue line protection and the violation of liberties at…

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    My Son Was Stillborn

    I can say that out loud now. I can’t  guarantee my voice won’t quake, or that my eyes won’t water up. But I can share my story now. It’s been hard, I wasn’t ready for those conversations. I’ve never lost anyone I was close to. I’ve had relatives pass away, acquaintances, but not a close family member. I’ve lost pets that I was closer too than I was most people. Until William. I didn’t even really know William. I never saw him smile or heard him laugh. He never saw my face. He never lived outside of my body.  He and I knew each other on a different level and…

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    As I think back, I can recognize that I’ve always struggled with communicating my thoughts and feelings correctly. I don’t always understand or recognize my emotions. I tend to keep things to myself. I do I have trouble communicating so that others can understand me. I’m better at writing, but I still don’t feel understood.  I’m quite opinionated tho, so that just makes things more complicated. I enjoy writing. Most of what I write never gets published. What was published was more of an online journal, The Homestead Journal I did on our family blog. BlessedLittleHomestead.com. Even tho I enjoyed the homestead blog, I feel it’s ran it’s course for the…

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    While I write a lot about my life and family, I also have a private side. And my personal circle is very tight. Especially now. The past 4 years really showed me that you can’t trust anyone. I had an online friend. We clicked and we were at the point we talked often, messaging back and forth several times a day. Our friendship began just before a very trying time in my life. And I vented to her a lot. She vented to me as well. We both trusted each other. Time went by and a few years later, out of the blue she blocked me. No explanation. Just gone.…

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    Don’t Mess With Me

    If you aren’t familiar with my back story you will just have to be patient, but for the past several years a group of individuals have become obsessed with destroying my family and my livelihood and shutting me up. I tried to remind them that if an armed sherrif didnt shut me up, some insignificant minions sure as hell won’t. A while back one of the locals, Al Wilson, told me to “bring it bitch”. I’m not a bring it kind of gal, I’m a matter of fact person.  I take what I have and I work with it. So don’t empower me unless you are ready for it. Apparently…