Ruby Throated Friend in Need

Two hummingbirds flew into my room today. The female got stuck trying to get out a window so we removed the screen and she flew out. The little male was racing back and forth in the rafters and was not slowing down. We quickly shut the ceiling fan off before he got killed and tried to divert him. We got him to land on a folder for a second then he took back off among the rafters. He finally collapsed on the ledge. I scooped him up and quickly got outside.

He was clearly in distress. He took off for a second only to get his beak stuck in my screen. I scooped him up again and held him for a bit. He was doing better after some rest

Once he seemed a little better I held him up near one of the feeders but he couldn’t hold on so I braced him for a second.

He finally got his grasp, but I waited to be sure

He sat there for a few minutes before he took off. I hope he’s ok. I am sure once he got to a safe branch he was able to rest more.

I love watching the hummingbirds at my feeders and I was so concerned when he was in danger. It was fascinating to see him so close and so still. What a beautiful creature.

One thought on “Ruby Throated Friend in Need

  1. I had some thing similar happen years ago. They simply exhaust themselves but if was able to fly away he should have been fine. Thanks for taking care of the little guys.

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