Always the Weird Kid

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Wirh the elections this past week I’ve had a pit in my stomach. I hate it. I don’t like this pretend patriotism and false sense of freedom. All I can see is people clamoring to control me.  Control others. And it sucks. It’s one of the most agregios acts of bullying.

I am always the weird kid. I’m always the odd one. I’m always going to be in the minority. And I don’t mind really. Except the fact that others have voted themselves the authority to tell me I can’t be me.

Looking at some of the issues on the ballots locally and nationwide I’m seeing our rights being eroded. Its little things to some, big things to others. Most everyone who supports those new laws can somehow justify it. And of course we get a little back. Kind of like a tax return. Here we took a whole bunch of your stuff but look, we gave some of it back! And you proudly rejoice in getting back what was yours to begin with.

I don’t enjoy in a society where being free is subjected to majority vote. I don’t enjoy being in a society where we choose a few select people to make decisions for the rest of us. As a woman who does everything the “wrong way” according to sociatal norms, I don’t want someone I’ve never met, who doesn’t understand my core values, making decisions that will dictate how I live my life or how I will raise my family.

Stop uising the state to bully people.

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