Another Brick In the Wall

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I use to be a statist. I remember cheering for big government to push for more laws to make us safer after 9/11. Since then I have come to understand that the government is the biggest threat to our freedoms.

I use to be a supporter for strong borders. I don’t anymore,  I’m the polar opposite. I support open borders.

I see various arguments for a border wall. I disagree with most of them. Conservatives will say “well why don’t you just invite them into your home then” proving they have no understanding of private property rights vs public property. We have a lot of issues with conservatives not understanding property rights. They like to regulate and tax everything.

Who owns the earth? Who makes these imaginary lines we call borders? We have some natural borders, but continents, countries, states, and counties and towns are divided by imaginary lines, who controls them?

The most powerful do.

Allowing open borders wouldn’t mean your homes would be taken over by immigrants. It doesn’t happen now and we have around 10 million illegal immigrants here in the US. Most of whom you don’t even know are illegal.

These illegal immigrants aren’t even all border runners. Many have overstayed their visa’s, most have families and jobs. Most have been in the US for decades.

Another fear tactic used to support the wall are the drug cartels. It’s almost amusing for the US government to act like they have no role in the drug running. But the war on drugs creates this high profit business. The US has the highest incarceration rates in the world, and 50% of those incarcerated are in for drug related crimes. Decriminalizing drugs would reduce the dangers of cartels. What is the difference between Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman and João Mauricio Giffoni de Castro Neves? The 21st amendment.

Most illict drugs aren’t even run across the border. The ones from outside the county often are delivered in our ports of entry. What is the excuse for lack of security there? Then of course you have the good ole made in the USA drugs. If you cut off the imports it will just mean more manufacturing here at home. #BuyAmerican

Another argument for support of the border wall are the welfare incentives. Well, stop giving people money that isn’t theirs. Problems solved.

“The immigrants are stealing our jobs” and “they are all mass murderers and  child molesters” are probably the weakest arguments for border control. First off, if you believe that and try to tell me that  some drug addicted, illiterate criminal is stealing your job, you aren’t getting sympathy from me. Second. It’s just more dishonesty of the facts to create fear. More workers strengthen our economy. Workplace and business competition forces better quality of goods and services.

The unemployment rate is at its lowest. And most of the immigrants are working low wage unskilled entry level jobs. And while some work under the table (so do quite many Americans, especially pet groomers) many work jobs where taxes are taken out, but the worker doesn’t qualify for tax benefits.

The crime rate is also lower than the media leads you to believe.

The Cato study found that there are about 2 million U.S-born citizens, 123,000 undocumented immigrants and 64,000 documented foreign citizens in U.S. jails. If natural-born citizens were incarcerated at the same rate as undocumented immigrants, “about 893,000 fewer natives would be incarcerated,” read the study. Similarly, if native citizens were incarcerated at the same rate as documented immigrants, 1.4 million fewer would be in prison.

Free markets and open borders are necessary to a free society. When you start restricting voluntary transactions between consenting adults, you limit freedom. You make it harder for people to make their own choices.

”Caught in an insoluble contradiction are those believers in the free market and private property who still uphold immigration barriers. They can do so only if they concede that the State is the owner of all property, but in that case they cannot have true private property in their system at all.“ Murray Rothbard

I’ve been criticized for not respecting and even undermining the US laws by holding these opinions. First of all respect is earned. And the US is most certainly a “do as I say not as I do” government. Can we honestly tell people to get out of our country when we have nearly 800 bases in over 70 countries?

Many of the issues addressed above aren’t immigration problems, it’s government problems. Reducing government is far more effective than building a wall and much less costly.

The most frustrating part of this is when the wall supporters say “why don’t they just do it the legal way?” Well the legal way is ridiculously expensive and long drawn. As I stated many of those who are illegal have simply overstayed their visas.

I cannot see an issue with allowing people the freedom to work and earn a living without harassment. I’m not advocating for citizenship, only the right to work and travel freely on public lands. All this just reminds me of the old movies I would watch when citizens were randomly stopped and demanded “Your papers please”

The liberals love big government just as much as the conservatives do. So both sides are fighting for more government using you as the hostage.  Are you letting them?

The more regulation, the more I feel like a prisoner instead of a free citizen. Everyone around me is appealing to some centralized authority for permission to live freely.. I just want away from those people.

….. another brick in my wall…… 🧱

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