This is a post I wrote in 2019 and was one of my posts lost when my site was zapped. I don’t always have a good memory when recalling events, especially recalling emotions but I remember everything I felt that day. I remember every detail of that day. I remember […]

Ruby Throated Friend in Need

Two hummingbirds flew into my room today. The female got stuck trying to get out a window so we removed the screen and she flew out. The little male was racing back and forth in the rafters and was not slowing down. We quickly shut the ceiling fan off before […]

Back into Blogging

I had a personal blog that got zapped from the internet last year. Neither my blog platform nor my blog host knew why. I decided recently that I want to blog again so here I am. 🙂 There will be some old posts thrown in among the old ones, but […]

Its Beautiful

In 1994 I got two tattoos, both butterflies of course, it’s my thing. In later years I have wanted to get other tattoos, but never had. A few years ago my son was stillborn and I wanted to get a tattoo for him. As soon as I saw this idea […]