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Storing Photos with iPhones

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I am a hobby photographer. I recall really honing in on it around 14, kind of left it behind in my early 20’s due to lack of equipment and didn’t pick it back up for about 10 years. Currently I … Continue reading

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Quarantine Schmarantine

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I needed to go to a farm store yesterday to get a few things for the homestead and check on my business and take care of the animals that live there. While we were out we drove by quite a … Continue reading

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Appropriate Behavior

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The other day  I posted a photo of my 13 year old daughters hair on our family FB page. Usually when I post photos of my hair I get a few comments from ill informed people about how it’s gross … Continue reading

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The “Accident”

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I am learning that over time memories that once consumed your mind become filed in the back somewhere and are mostly forgotten. Last week a story broke here that opened up one of those files and all the information and … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead

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This show has the best theme song ever. I love how intense it is. It invokes emotions I can’t quite describe. It’s fucking awesome. I am not a typical TV watcher and when my husband was watching another one of … Continue reading

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The Grateful Dead

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I grew up with classic rock and 80’s top 40 music and a little bit of country. I preferred classic rock and while my friends were playing Madonna I was dressing like Stevie Nicks. I was the only 10 year … Continue reading

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I’ve always been a pretty simple person, at least I think I was. My family is the same. Even as our family grew and we kept things simple out of necessity, everyone seemed happier. I recall when we had been … Continue reading

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I Remember

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I wanted to share some older thoughts I had about 9/11 from years past 2013 12 years ago my eyes were opened. 12 years ago I began truly paying attention. I have learned a lot over those years. My political … Continue reading

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What The Frick is an INFJ?

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The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator is an introspective self-report questionnaire with the purpose of indicating differing psychological preferences in how people perceive the world around them and make decisions. The MBTI was created by Isabelle Briggs and her mother and was … Continue reading

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Diversity of Dreadlocks

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I started my dreadlocks in the fall  of 2014. They began with twist and rip and some back combing around 6 months and on occasion for maintenance but they are pretty much free range locs 😉 One of the most … Continue reading

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