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I don’t always have a good memory when recalling events, especially recalling emotions but I remember everything I felt that day. I remember every detail of that day. I remember the sounds, the smells. The pain. It’s burned in my … Continue reading

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Time and Focus

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I have so many blogs in my head that I feel the need to write but just can’t seem to get them done. Being a wife, mom and business owner I rarely have time to write, and really, unless you … Continue reading

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Nothing New

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I have an old FB page I no longer use but on occasion I come across screenshots of it. Today I was reminded of a post from July 5, 2013. I no longer recall the conversation, but my reply resonates … Continue reading

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Not Just A DUI

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I’ve lived in Breckinridge County since December of 2011. It’s a small county, no big towns, it’s quiet and peaceful as far as a community goes. But like most small communities there is also the “good ole boy” dynamic. It’s … Continue reading

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My Son Was Stillborn

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I can say that out loud now. I can’t  guarantee my voice won’t quake, or that my eyes won’t water up. But I can share my story now. It’s been hard, I wasn’t ready for those conversations. I’ve never lost … Continue reading

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As I think back, I can recognize that I’ve always struggled with communicating my thoughts and feelings correctly. I don’t always understand or recognize my emotions. I tend to keep things to myself. I do I have trouble communicating so that … Continue reading

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While I write a lot about my life and family, I also have a private side. And my personal circle is very tight. Especially now. The past 4 years really showed me that you can’t trust anyone. I had an … Continue reading

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Don’t Mess With Me

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If you aren’t familiar with my back story you will just have to be patient, but for the past several years a group of individuals have become obsessed with destroying my family and my livelihood and shutting me up. I … Continue reading

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Facebook Down:

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That time when you have to use your “competitor” to tell people your business is down. The comments are so fun: 30 years of internet and FB crashes. Coincidence? must be the Russians..

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Sheriff Todd Pate, DUI’s and Breckinridge County

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It’s no secret that I have disdain for Sheriff Todd Pate. He violated my rights on two separate occasions, abusing his authority. The second time he and his deputy assaulted me, and kidnapped my children. The effects of his actions … Continue reading

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