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    My Son Was Stillborn

    I can say that out loud now. I can’t  guarantee my voice won’t quake, or that my eyes won’t water up. But I can share my story now. It’s been hard, I wasn’t ready for those conversations. I’ve never lost anyone I was close to. I’ve had relatives pass away, acquaintances, but not a close family member. I’ve lost pets that I was closer too than I was most people. Until William. I didn’t even really know William. I never saw him smile or heard him laugh. He never saw my face. He never lived outside of my body.  He and I knew each other on a different level and…

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    As I think back, I can recognize that I’ve always struggled with communicating my thoughts and feelings correctly. I don’t always understand or recognize my emotions. I tend to keep things to myself. I do I have trouble communicating so that others can understand me. I’m better at writing, but I still don’t feel understood.  I’m quite opinionated tho, so that just makes things more complicated. I enjoy writing. Most of what I write never gets published. What was published was more of an online journal, The Homestead Journal I did on our family blog. BlessedLittleHomestead.com. Even tho I enjoyed the homestead blog, I feel it’s ran it’s course for the…

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    While I write a lot about my life and family, I also have a private side. And my personal circle is very tight. Especially now. The past 4 years really showed me that you can’t trust anyone. I had an online friend. We clicked and we were at the point we talked often, messaging back and forth several times a day. Our friendship began just before a very trying time in my life. And I vented to her a lot. She vented to me as well. We both trusted each other. Time went by and a few years later, out of the blue she blocked me. No explanation. Just gone.…

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    Don’t Mess With Me

    If you aren’t familiar with my back story you will just have to be patient, but for the past several years a group of individuals have become obsessed with destroying my family and my livelihood and shutting me up. I tried to remind them that if an armed sherrif didnt shut me up, some insignificant minions sure as hell won’t. A while back one of the locals, Al Wilson, told me to “bring it bitch”. I’m not a bring it kind of gal, I’m a matter of fact person.  I take what I have and I work with it. So don’t empower me unless you are ready for it. Apparently…

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    Facebook Down:

    That time when you have to use your “competitor” to tell people your business is down. The comments are so fun: twitter.com/facebook/status/1105888649676111877 30 years of internet and FB crashes. Coincidence? must be the Russians..

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    Sheriff Todd Pate, DUI’s and Breckinridge County

    It’s no secret that I have disdain for Sheriff Todd Pate. He violated my rights on two separate occasions, abusing his authority. The second time he and his deputy assaulted me, and kidnapped my children. The effects of his actions left lasting scars on my family, my children. For that alone I feel he should have been removed from office. I admit, part of me wants him to suffer. His actions towards my family are not the only concerns we the community have with Sheriff Todd Pate.  There are many complaints about Pate and his office not upholding their responsibilities. I have personally witnessed the sheriffs department refusal to address…

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    Trayvon Martin

    In February 2012 a national story caught the attention of most everyone and divided us as a nation. Trayvon Martin, a young black teenager was shot and killed. Many people were outraged that an innconent black teen was murdered, others claimed the teen was a threat and was killed in self defense. I was the latter. I defended George Zimmerman. From my perspective he was in the right. I supported Florida’s stand your ground law and still do. However I was wrong. I believe Trayvon Martin was murdered. I am a firm believer that I would rather a guilty man go free than an innocent man go to jail. And…

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    How Was Your Experience?

    Earlier today I saw Radcliff Police Department sitting outside my salon. Due to past traumatic experiences I have anxiety when I see Law Enforcement approach so I was watching closely. I was curious, yet thankful, as they went to the businesses around me but not mine. I later found out what they were doing. It seems Jeffery Cross RPD police chief wants local businesses to let him know how RPD is doing. My daughter said, “Seems they only give them to people who would give them a positive feedback” RPD isn’t short on emails and verbal reports of my opinions of them as an organization. I have met a few…

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    Super Controversy

    I don’t watch Super-bowls and I don’t have any interest in half time shows but I have a strong opinion on dress code hypocrisy. 2004 Super Bowl is infamous for the wardrobe malfunction heard around the world. The world went berzerk over a female nipple exposed on live TV. I’m a fairly modest person and I am not bothered by seeing a woman’s breast, especially not by accident. I support a woman’s right to breastfeed uncovered. I support equality in dress codes. Last night Adam Levine, who I had no idea existed, went topless during the half time show. I only know of this because of an article I read…

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    Pro Choice and Pro Life

    I have always been opposed to abortion. I’ve also been mostly opposed to abortion laws. I don’t think someone else has the right to decide delicate reproductive choices for others. However, I do feel that we need more education and compassion when dealing with such matters. A few days ago NY state passed a law that granted a woman permission to end the life of her unborn child at any stage of pregnancy, if the life of the child or mother was in danger. I tried to avoid the newsfeeds, because it’s an upsetting topic and most conversations are useless, but it was still on my mind. I did make…