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Last April I saw these adorable little creatures for sale on Facebook. As soon as I saw them I knew I had to have one. I messaged the breeder and asked for her to tell me everything I needed to know to have one. We talked I online for a few days and about a week later I was the proud owner of these two cuties. I named them Thing 1 and Thing 2.

They are called Axolotls. Ax-Oh-Lot-L. They have an amazing story. Unfortunately they are endangered in their natural habit but do amazing in captivity.

Ive had them for 4 months and have learned so much about them. They are so much fun. When they were little it was mostly their markings that let me tell them apart but now they are older and markings have changed it’s their personality that really stands out. Thing 1 has always been a bit shy and skittish and Thing 2 is outgoing and curious.

We wont know their gender till about a year old. They generally live 10-15 years. They eat various types of food but mine mostly eat earthworms.

Thing 2 watching me. S/he wants more food!!

I am so glad I have these little creatures. They are so fascinating!



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