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There has been a lot of talk about consent in social media this week. I should be a conversation we have more often.

I follow two rules in life. Do all you have agreed to do and don’t encroach upon another. Simple rules and really the only two rules we need. Everything that is morally unacceptable falls under these two simple statements.

But in our current society, these rules aren’t followed. Not by citizens and certainly not by our government. When I see the numerous posts about consent, it’s almost always about women and almost only acceptable when it’s applied to sexual abuse where the woman is a victim. But let’s talk about consent, in it a broader spectrum.

Consent starts at birth. You do not have the right to encroach upon another person no matter their age. I understand that newborns can’t consent to life saving procedures or kisses from mom and dad but let’s be practical here. We have laws that protect infant girls from altering their gentitals, but we encourage and pretty much demand that infant boys have their genitalia forcibly removed. I often see someone’s like “I don’t want my son to have an ugly penis”. It’s socially acceptable to body shame the natural male body and forcibly remove part of an important sex organ without the consent of the person who’s body it belongs to. He did NOT consent. So from birth we have sent a message. Females have a right to their bodies but men do not. In fact, in a conversation yesterday the commenter stated that they will make sure their daughter is strong enough to stand up for herself and speak out if she was ever sexually assaulted and they would teach their son to respect females. But when do we teach women that they should also respect males? When do we teach our sons that no one can victimized them either. I have no idea which gender is sexually assaulted more, but I can assure you this. If a woman speaks out about her abuse she is strong and brave woman. If a man does. He’s a “whine ass pussy”, he’s told that men don’t get raped or molested they always want sex, and other degrading and derogatory things.

The same goes for anyone who claims they have been violated in non sexual ways. For example my own personal experiences when Todd Pate and Breckinridge County Court violated my self and family. Todd Pate never sexually assaulted me, but I was violated in a way that has left some emotional scarring. I have anxiety I never had before. I’ve even had panic attacks. The trauma I endured is just as real. I didn’t consent. The protection I have under the constitution was violated. But people disregard and minimize what I experienced. I can understand how a rape victim feels when they are told, “well what did you do to provoke it?”

I don’t force affection from my children. I don’t force them to be affectionate with others. I don’t force them to share. We teach our children that their property is an extension of themselves. They own their bodies and in turn their labor and the product of their labor. They all have their personal boundaries and we do our best to make sure that we respect them and that their siblings do as well.

Consent isn’t just about sex. Consent is about your body as a whole. Consent applies to anyone in any situation. There are no special badges or magic paper that nullifies consent. The Non Agreession Principle applies to everyone. Self defense does not remove consent from the perpetrator, rather empowers the consent from the victim.

I found this online today:

I don’t consent to ANY taxes by Government.
I don’t consent to violations of my free speech by Government.
I don’t consent to restrictions on my right to own firearms by Government.
I don’t consent to personal information mining and collecting by Government.
I don’t consent to involuntary servitude by Government.
I don’t consent to Government controlling my health care choices.

In fact, I don’t consent to being ruled by any Government. 

I do NOT consent to them either. My body is fully mine to do with as I please. I do not give anyone authority to decide what I put in it or on it. I do not give anyone authority to decide what I do with my body. I do not give anyone consent to take anything from my body or from anything my labor produces. It is mine.

However, demanding that our right to consent be respected, we are told “but but but…” by those who feel they are entitled to our bodies and our labor and our property. It’s for the betterment of society. It’s some unwritten social contract. But isn’t that slavery? To demand you own some part or all of a person? Wasn’t that the argument made when the colonies introduced slavery!? It was to better their society. And what about the Handmaids Tale? Couldn’t we also argue that we should require human reproduction to advance and secure our society?

How are those arguments any different from what I speak against with our current government? When is consent no longer required? At what point are you ok with one person forcing their will upon another through force or coercion? Is it fair to compare rape and false imprisonment? These are all questions I have been asking. And I have found society doesn’t want to answer because they don’t want to admit the harsh reality that consent is no longer protected. That society is grooming our young children, and ourselves  to be subservient to authority. That it is disrespectful to question any authority who encroaches upon them.

When someone says “I do NOT consent” it means no. And if they can’t speak it should be implied. You must respect that. If you don’t you are teaching them that they have no authority over their bodies. Is that really what you want your child to learn?

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