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If you aren’t familiar with my back story you will just have to be patient, but for the past several years a group of individuals have become obsessed with destroying my family and my livelihood and shutting me up. I tried to remind them that if an armed sherrif didnt shut me up, some insignificant minions sure as hell won’t. A while back one of the locals, Al Wilson, told me to “bring it bitch”. I’m not a bring it kind of gal, I’m a matter of fact person.  I take what I have and I work with it. So don’t empower me unless you are ready for it. Apparently he wasn’t.. but he has useful idiot minions. And I’m not saying this just to be rude, I am also pointing out that the education levels of these minions is obviously lacking here. But that’s what makes them good little minions.

I’ve recieved numerous threats, I’ve been stalked, followed, intimidated and bullied. I’ve stood up to them every time. I’ve done all I can to rise above it, not perfectly of course.

A few weeks ago a local minion once again came over to my FB page to make an ass of himself, and to send a message… get out of town. Travis Metcalf not only posted on my pages, (my homestead page and my page for this blog) but he has been harassing us on the roads. For the past few years, and more agreessivly in the past 6-8 months.

Travis fucks with me on the road while I’m driving. He will literally stop his vehicle in front of me. This is one such incident. I work long hours and leave before Travis does and I’m usually home long after him, but on occasion we will be on the road at the same time.

Another incident a few years ago, Travis was going so fast over the speed bumps his spare tire fell out of the back of his truck

And just a few weeks ago he stopped my husband in the road. He took a video of himself-blocking the road a good distance from the mailboxes he claimed to be at.

This is just one of the aspects of the current harassment I’m dealing with. Another minion, Bethany Long, has also been recently active. She focuses on my business. She’s the one flipping off the camera back in December, about 4 months ago.

A few weeks ago she came over to my business FB page (FB seems to be their favorite and easiest way of communicating with me, which is one reason I’m focusing more on my websites)

Bethany claims she is disabled and cannot walk, yet I have this video of her at 2am walking around outside my business flipping off my camera.

I was a bit curious  with her coming over to my business page, but I’ve been observing her odd behavior for 4 years now, so I’m unfortunately not surprised by it. She began what I call “drunk posting” back when I first opened my salon in 2015. She later aligned herself with the psycho trolls and earned her minion badge. I found out on Saturday that Bethany is not paralyzed and is in fact grooming again. So the attack on my page and the stalking of my business was just part of her attempt to disrupt my livelihood to benefit herself, and earn some minion cookies.

So what does this all have to do with each other? Bethany Long and Travis Metcalf are part of the group that has been aggressively trying to shut me up. They are connected. They are part of the Al Wilson/Sally Davis/Lisa Luthi bullshit.

4 years ago I stood up to a corrupt sheriff. Some locals didn’t like it. Even now, these people are still defending his behavior. Travis Metcalf is so upset over my lifestyle choices that he is literally harassing my family, yet he supports the sherrif who was recently arrested for .159 DIU, 2nd offense, hit a woman driver and was hiding beer bottles when the police arrived. This just shows the vitriol.

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I’m going to say this once more for the people in the back and the ones up front who lack the brain cells to process what I’m saying.

This isn’t an idle threat. I’m protecting my family from this insanity. I don’t know much about my biological father except his Irish decent.. I’m going to adopt this as a gentle reminder of why I keep telling people to leave me alone. There’s a part of me that is just a wee bit nuts… I am letting people know, we need to leave that dormant.

I wish they, all of them, would just move on. I’ve done everything I can to avoid a situation I don’t want to be in. But if someone puts our safety in danger or tries to set us up, I won’t hesitate. And their attempt of trying to intimidate me into silence, to keep me from exposing the corruption and collusion, it won’t work. I was quieting down.. but now. Now I feel it’s time to speak louder. And I have been these past few weeks.

Every time they get pissed off at me they go after my husband, it’s easy to make the man look like a bad guy when he’s protecting his family. The county attorney even filed charges on my husband for goats he didn’t even own, and for compost on property tjatusnt in his name. This is all in my name.. so why are they so afraid of me? It’s image control.

I don’t care who you think you know, who’s actions you are trying to cover up, or how you think you can benefit from taking me down. I am not going anywhere, and certainly not quietly. I will write my blogs. I will expose what happened to my family.. every bit of it. I’m so tired of this bullshit.

By the way… did you hear Kentucky just passed the conceal carry laws. I’m going to assume all of them are carrying and they should assume the same about me.

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  1. jjjg55 says:

    It’s really sick how some people have to destroy others to make themselves feel better about how terrible a person they are. Everyone should really just work on improving theirselves.

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