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I’ve fussed about Facebook and their ridiculous community standards for years.

I’ve reported things that are clear violations of standards and in some cases probably violated law, only to be told it didn’t violate. And I’ve seen Facebook take down posts that clearly didn’t violate. A while back I had a post taken down that said it violated FB terms. I have no idea what that post was. It didn’t show what it was on any device. I’ve never been in FB time out for attacking another individual. But Facebook has allowed that to happen to me.

I wish FB would explain how and why a post was removed. The blanket community standards isn’t enough. If I post a meme that gets me a time out I want to know what specifically was not acceptable.

I think it was Wednesday I got in trouble… again. I shared a meme. I didn’t upload it. Just shared it.

This below was the offending meme. I’d like to note I didn’t write any text on my post. It was just the meme.

Now why would this violate FB terms? Is any photo of a Nazi forbidden? It’s not the first time I’ve had a meme about Nazis taken down. I did a 30 day time out 2 years ago for a similar meme.

Let’s discuss the text. It’s a historical quote posted to show the similarities between then and now. Same as the other meme I posted before. Are we not allowed to discuss the political ideology of the Nazi regime? Are we to just pretend all of that never happened? What exactly

I get it, Facebooks website Facebooks rules. But can we have some clearer rules? Many of us pay Facebook for their services, including me. I think I’m fairness we should have better customer service options at the least. Especially when it comes to FB advertising.

Two weeks ago I went to pay to boost a blog post on our homestead page. Facebook said that I needed special permission to pay to boost a political ad or posts of National importance, neither of which applied to my blog about my family.

I was already backing out of Facebook, but I’ll be the first to admit, Facebook is so big that it’s hard to leave. The social and business networking, the journaling that FB really is. I’ve got quite a bit of history on there.

They have a new way to back up and I’m testing it out, but it’s been 5 days and it still says creating file. We shall see. But I’m archiving what I can as I can.

I don’t think I’ll shut down FB completely, but it’s solidified my decision to make my posts on my own website and not theirs. Which I’ve known to do for sometime. Now it’s time to take my own advice

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