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Earlier today I saw Radcliff Police Department sitting outside my salon. Due to past traumatic experiences I have anxiety when I see Law Enforcement approach so I was watching closely. I was curious, yet thankful, as they went to the businesses around me but not mine. I later found out what they were doing.

It seems Jeffery Cross RPD police chief wants local businesses to let him know how RPD is doing. My daughter said, “Seems they only give them to people who would give them a positive feedback”

RPD isn’t short on emails and verbal reports of my opinions of them as an organization. I have met a few officers who should find a new line of work, and I’ve met a few who I felt were professional in their conduct, but they work for an organization I feel has unethical practices. While I am glad they know to leave me alone, I might like one of these little cards. It’s a shame they didn’t give me one.

Any business worth anything, appreciates critical feedback. When a client tells me where I can improve, I work on that. For example a about a half a year ago I had several clients saying I was difficult to get ahold of via phone. This was because I stopped taking most calls during the day as it was disruptive to my grooming and a large amount of telemarketers were calling. I made a few changes so clients can reach me easier. That is what businesses do.

I wonder if anyone is going to even be honest on these. We all know what happens to anyone critical of law enforcement practices.

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