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I wanted to share some older thoughts I had about 9/11 from years past


12 years ago my eyes were opened. 12 years ago I began truly paying attention. I have learned a lot over those years. My political and religious philosophy has changed.

I encourage all of you to learn the history of what led up to 9/11.. and use various sources. Find the truth for yourself. Because the only way we can truly bring about peace, is to understand the real cause of war. Peace starts with you.


I am not going to post pics of the twin towers. I don’t need little memes saying “never forget”. Trust me. I remember.

I remember sitting at home watching the morning shows prepping for my sons first birthday party.

I remember the first plane thinking “what a dumb ass”. The second caused concern. “What is going on”.. The coverage went on, stuff about more planes…Then the pentagon was hit. That’s when it set in. The reality. The knowing “This won’t end well”

I remember calling my grandfather. I don’t know why but my grandfather was the first one I called. I was never close to my grandparents but that’s who called. Maybe because they were both alive when Pearl Harbor was bombed. Maybe because he was the calmest person I knew. And I needed calm.

I remember the anger. I remember wanting revenge. I was the ‘Murica crowd. I spent the next few days making ribbons for co-workers and clients to wear.

I remember in the days following taking up talk radio again. (I had listened to Rush in years prior but had lost interest in politics)

Ironically 9/11 was Glenn Becks 2nd day on national radio. I also found a radio host named Neal Boortz. I listened to them both. I learned. I questioned.

And I continued to question. The more I learned the more angry I became. I defended the presidents actions. I thought it was the right thing to do… But I was never taught the history. I lost trust. Why would we be lied to. I remember. I remember it all.

Today I will see the memes, the new profile pics of the towers. I want to comment on them. I want to grab people and shake them by the head and say “wake up”. I want to say “read Ron Paul’s book, a foreign policy of freedom”. That was the final straw for me. He WARNED us, on the senate floor, FOR TWENTY YEARS.

I remember wondering. Why. Why weren’t we taught this history. How could I have survived 13 years of public education and have never been told the history of the Middle East. The TRUE history. I know why. And it was a big factor in my decision when two years after 9/11 we chose to homeschool.

So while I may not jump on the bandwagon, the ‘Murica hoo rah military bandwagon, I will however commend those who were on the front lines that day. Those who ran into buildings. Those who worked tirelessly selflessly to help others.

But I do not, will not support the governments response.

I remember 9/11. It’s when I began to realize the government is worse than you imagine and they aren’t here to help. You are just a pawn.


My news feed is full of 9/11 posts. I have a lot to say on the topic, but I truly lack the energy to communicate it all. And most won’t read what I have to say, because it’s contrary to what many others are posting. But here it goes anyhow…

Like all of you, I remember that morning clear as day. I remember the emotions in the days and weeks after.

For me, it took me in a direction I never thought it would.

I became more politically aware. I was a “hoo-rah” republican waving flags and touting my patriotism.

It took several years for me to be in a state of mind to look past all of that. And a lot of swallowed pride to admit, I was wrong about my government.

I’m not here to say 9/11 was an inside job. I can’t say either way, what the specifics are of the events that day.

I can say this. I blame the US Government. I blame the politicians, I blame the citizens who allowed our politicians to act in such a manner. I blame the soldiers who blindly and obediently followed orders in the years leading up to this event.

My thoughts on this matter were solidified in 2011 when I read this book.


It’s not a political book. It’s not someone’s interpretation of events, it’s not opinion. This is a collection of 20 years of a US Senator warning the State of what would happen. This is on the record statements. For TWENTY years.

Today, it’s nice to honor those who lost their lives that day. I chose this photo specifically. We shouldn’t forget. We shouldn’t forget that these events effected lives outside of NYC.

We also shouldn’t forget, or discount what led up to that day, and how for the past 14 years we have continued to perpetuate this disaster.

Stop pretending our government is the hero. Stop pretending more wars will fix this. Stop pretending an entire religion is at fault.

Remember not just the Americans who lost their lives, but the 50,000 Afganis, 1.7 million Iraqi’s and 35,000 Pakistanis who also died because of someone else’s actions.


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