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I’m Offended That You’re Offended

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As a highly opinionated and outspoken person I am aware of the risks of offending people. It doesn’t really matter what you say or how you say it, if you challenge someone’s beliefs, they are likely to be offended.

I have been an outspoken blogger for well over a decade. So the range of people I have offended is probably larger than most. And for the most part I’ve kept my opinions pretty tame, because I am aware people are easily offended. 

I think the important thing to note is that a mature person will say “that comment or photo is offensive but I can move past that”. Can you imagine if you offended someone and they just couldn’t get past it..what if they found someone else you offedend and made a group. Then found more people. A whole group of offended people. People so annoyed by your opinions that they dwell on them day after day after day…. 

I got a message the other day from a so called defector from some troll groups. This paragraph stood out.

Before I believe it’s a few psychotic people? Apparently it’s a bunch of psychotic people.

So a group of people, a large group of people,  I have hurt or offended all gathered together to talk about my offensive beliefs. That’s not psychotic? You all need a therapist not a group that enables such toxic behavior.

But lets talk about this group. First of all, the vague terms is one I have addressed since day one. It’s a tactic used by many to embellish a story without providing facts. Second. Who? What? When? I mean sure you can say “Nicole offended me” but what relevance does that bear?

I would love to delve into these stories. Have the opportunity to tell my side. If I truly hurt someone find out how. It’s possible I owe someone an apology. But even so, none of that justifies their behavior.

But I’d also like to know what stories are being told. How many are real? I also know that some were on the giving end…. some, like a certain tabloid blogger who can’t handle what she hands out.

I’m sure this blog of mine will offend you at some point in time. If you are mature enough to handle a belief that is differnent from yours, welcome. If not, I don’t suggest coming back. I’ve heard the Nicole Naugler Haters Club has trust issues and isn’t taking new members, so you will have to take this up with your psychologist, and am I really worth a $200 an hour therapy session?

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