Not Just A DUI

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I’ve lived in Breckinridge County since December of 2011. It’s a small county, no big towns, it’s quiet and peaceful as far as a community goes. But like most small communities there is also the “good ole boy” dynamic. It’s not usually an issue for me as I keep to myself and don’t care to be involved in the affairs of others, but at times these situations do have an impact on my life.

It’s no secret I have great disdain for the Breckinridge County Sheriff, Jerome Todd Pate. For about 15 years now I’ve been outspoken about police corruption, thin blue line protection and the violation of liberties at the hands of a police state. It just so happens that in this small community we have a corrupt sherrif who is known for violating the rights of the citizens and a county that depends on the criminal system to fund their jobs.

In 2014 Sheriff Todd Pate tried to flex his authority to usurp my rights. I held my ground but we did compromise at some point. We knew we were in the right, but we were scared.

In 2015 Sheriff Todd Pate was more arrogant and aggressive in his actions towards my family. He knew he was being recorded and still didn’t care that his actions were being documented. He knew it didn’t matter, what would some low income family do to him? He was the sheriff after all. Even with my evidence of him violating my constitutional rights and ignoring his oath, he knew the state would protect him. And they did.

In October of 2015 Todd Pate threatened to kill his family. His wife called for help. A warrant was put out for his arrest. He was found several hours away sitting in a parking lot drunk with his service weapon.

He got a slap on the wrist, made some pathetic apologies to the citizens and won his re-election.

A Kentucky State Police officer noted in the arrest report, the sheriff had made “threats to law enforcement,” was “armed,” “driving recklessly” and had an “active warrant” out for his arrest. That officer reported he saw the sheriff drinking beer in his vehicle, and noted on the arrest slip, the sheriff had an open beer in the center console.

The sheriff pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 30 days in jail and twelve months on probation

Due to the situation with the sheriff in 2015, we had a group of individuals who targeted us because they felt “we embarrassed their county” and they worked to set us straight. They stalked, harassed and threatened us. We would take these matters to the sherrif who said “ since you were not happy with our decisions in 2015 you need to call another agency” Well there is no other agency. It’s the responsibility and duty of the Sheriffs department to uphold their oath regardless of personal opinions. And while many people only wish to speak privately, it’s not an isolated incident for Todd Pate to refuse to render aid to individuals he has differences with. For the past 4 years Todd Pate has refused to investigate any crime we present to him. 91CB62F8-E197-4261-9FB2-B037F54E5F04 Even when we called in for situations they have not shown up, such as the day we reported people driving drunk on our road. (Recorded the man admitting he was drunk, guess now we know why, was likely his drinking buddy) we believe the Sheriff allows these crimes to go unaddressed because he personally benefits from them. The goal is to distract from the countys corruption.

People aren’t seeing the bigger picture. Abuse of authority, financial gain (the county judge has admitted the county gains a lot of its funds through the courts and the jail, they are quite boastful about it. The county also benefits from Title IV-E funding.

This is more than some low income hippy lady and her fat lazy husband with too many kids embarrassing the community. They wouldn’t work so hard to keep us quiet if that was the case. Our case picked the scab off an oozing sore.

And for years we thought this was going to be swept under the rug. That the corruption was just a random situation. That people would forget and move on.

Untill March. Todd Pate once again exposed himself and the county. A woman called in reports of a possible intoxicated driver who was swerving, falling asleep and a threat to everyone on and off the road it seemed. A local city police officer responded to that call and didn’t notice anything unusual. The police chief said “sometimes you miss things”

There are only two possibilities here. The officer new Todd Pate was intoxicated and knew to let him go. The other option is that the officer couldn’t recognize an intoxicated driver and let him go. Either way that man is not fit for law enforcement.

I persoanally believe that the officer was told to not arrest Todd and told Todd to “go home man.” Todd was on his way home, some 30-40 min later when he struck another vehicle carrying 4 people. At the time of the accident his BACwas .0159. Twice the legal limit.

The most concerning part to me, Todd Pate was also witnessed to be tampering with evidence when he attempted to hide beer bottles.

This may not seem important to most people, because I’ve not seen it brought up much, but he was tampering with evidence. Intoxicated or not, he knew what he was doing.

I have had enough interaction with him to know he is arrogant. He is also confident that whatever he does, he can validate his actions. This is shown by he fact after all of this. He’s at work still being sherrif. It’s not like his arrogance isn’t being validated.

Todd will lie to a judge, Ive recorded it twice. He will lie to the people. Remember this guy told his own wife he was going to kill her and her family. Those charges later dismissed it seems. He has no issue hiding evidence and his own “brothers” will cover his ass with that thin blue line.

There is more to this story. There has to be. Even with saving Clayton, Pates shining moment, he admitted to circumventing the law. While some may say the ends justify the means, that is a violation of the constitution. If Todd Pate doesn’t respect his oath, doesn’t respect his family, doesn’t respect the people who pay his salary, how can we have respect for anyone in law enforcement who supports and enables this behavior?

Todd Pate isn’t just a drunk driver. He’s a part of the corruption we have been trying to expose in Breckinridge County for 5 years.

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