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I have an old FB page I no longer use but on occasion I come across screenshots of it. Today I was reminded of a post from July 5, 2013. I no longer recall the conversation, but my reply resonates here today. And it reminded me that these struggles are not new. People have been trying to bully and harass us long before the day I finally put my foot down.

“Yesterday a stalker found it fit to come harass me on my FB page. I didn’t feel she deserved an explanation of her accusations, but felt since I am a very open person, I was making an open response.

First off anyone who would actually be reading this is aware we pay child support. My husband is current on child support and our issue back in January was a missed court date we had not been aware of.

I do complain about both simple and complex rules. I disagree that I have to register my personal property with the state. Whether it be a tv, a toaster, a vehicle, or even my self or my children. I feel it is unjust, and unconstitutional to have such laws and regulations.

I will say the statist mantra of “if you don’t like it, leave”, is tiresome. Seriously. If I force myself into your home, lay down a bunch of rules that benefit me, and threaten anyone who disobeys, will you just move? An animal doesn’t become free by changing its cage.

It was also said that people like me don’t deserve to live here. I wonder what makes her so qualified to A: deserve to live here and B: decide that I don’t. If she was truly a supporter of liberty as she claims to be, she would allow me the privilege of speaking out against a tyrannical government.

Which is what I “DO” for this country. I stand up for what is wrong, even when it puts my family in a position to be verbally and even physically attacked by those who see my words and actions as a threat to their government security blanket.

I was also accused of being on government welfare. While I have received private assistance, I have not received government welfare of any kind since 2000? when I was last on WIC. We are still accepting donations of cash and/or goods. But I won’t hold a gun to anyone’s head to get it.

I have used state assistance, before I had the convictions I have now. I have done many things I would not do now. Just because I have done something in my past doesn’t mean I cannot speak out against doing them now. I use to smoke cigarettes, I smoked pot and even did LSD in my late teens early 20’s. Does that mean I cannot tell others of the dangers of engaging in such behaviors? We are to learn from our mistakes and help others do the same.

Of course the insults continued, but she was concerned about whether we are paying our child support and whether or not I (we) work. My financials status is not her concern, but since I am being upfront, we are current on our child support payments, (and will be at our end soon as the child turns 18 in 4 months) and I work 36-40 hours a week grooming dogs.

And the inevitable CPS talk. Seems that’s a wonderful tool for those what oppose the political and philosophical views of people with children. For the record, the last time CPS was at my door was 2 years ago, when we told them to get off our property without a warrant. We lived in that house for 18 months after that incident. I really wish people would get their facts before they start spewing hateful lies. My children are happy and healthy and anyone who interacts with them knows this.

Sadly, this person has some serious vanity and denial issues. I had removed her from my friends list last Nov/Dec when I did a large purge of people I no longer wished to associate with. She had a hard time accepting or even believing this, and was convinced my posts were directed at her.

I post what’s on my mind with little concern about who may be offended. Because everything I post will offend someone in some way.

It’s a shame that this post that was supposed to be about the effects of PTSD was turned into an emotional outburst of her dislike of my family instead of addressing the issues of the solders she claims to support.

I know by posting publicly I open myself for attack, but this is how we share truth and information. I am not afraid. I will continue to speak my mind about the issues I am passionate about. And I will continue to be upfront to those who try to sling mud when they don’t like the message.”

Same ole song and dance my friend….

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