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Sheriff Todd Pate, DUI’s and Breckinridge County

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It’s no secret that I have disdain for Sheriff Todd Pate. He violated my rights on two separate occasions, abusing his authority. The second time he and his deputy assaulted me, and kidnapped my children. The effects of his actions left lasting scars on my family, my children. For that alone I feel he should have been removed from office. I admit, part of me wants him to suffer.

His actions towards my family are not the only concerns we the community have with Sheriff Todd Pate.  There are many complaints about Pate and his office not upholding their responsibilities. I have personally witnessed the sheriffs department refusal to address criminal matters. When making a report one day, Todd Pate leaned into my camera to make it clear that because of my complaints of his decisions in May of 2015, I needed to call someone else.

In October of 2015,  a warrent for Sheriff Pate was issued based on his wife’s statement that Pate threatened to kill her, her family and himself. Pate was found some 60 miles away, sitting drunk in his vehicle with his service weapon on the seat. He was arrested, charged with DUI, reckless driving and 5 counts of terroristic threats. The latter charges were dismissed and the DUI charge resulted in Pate with an $800 fine and a suspended 30 day jail sentence. He also took alcohol and drug education class. In hindsight maybe that clas should be required before you become sheriff. He wrote an apology and much of the community forgave him, giving him another free pass and not holding him to the high standards law enforcement should be held.

I admit I was surprised to see Todd Pate run for re-election, not because I doubted his arrogance but because I thought the Democrats would choose a different candidate. But they didn’t.

Todd Pate was re-elected. I am not a voter but I would have voted for a candidate that I felt would have been a safer choice for my family. Unfortunately the republicans didn’t provide that and their candidate was promoting a police state, and we here in Breckinridge county don’t need that. That is the reason Todd Pate won re-election.

Last Friday, Sheriff Todd Pate was arrested for the second time in 3 years. He had a .159 blood alcohol level and hit a woman head on, then hit a pole and a ended up in a fence. Some sources reported that Pate was found in the woods, presumably trying to hide beer cans. There are also reports of Pate having been stopped earlier that day. According to Irvington Police Chief, Irvington PD did have an interaction in which Pate was stopped at a local gas station several hours prior to the accident and the officer had no reason to believe that Pate was intoxicated or otherwise unable to drive safely. I am in the process of getting the dispatch reports.

In Kentucky a .159 blood alcohol level on a second offense is an aggravated DUI. This means double the fine and double the jail time. There is no information available yet pertaining to additional charges, but I expect reckless driving and possibly a charge for hiding evidence and  a wanton endangerment charge which could be an additional misdemeanor charge or even a felony, depending on the facts of the accident and the injuries sustained by the victim. We won’t know anything until after Breckinridge County Attorney Bradley Butler and Commonwealth Attorney Rick Hardin make their decisions based on State Trooper Joey Beasley, who is investigating that incident.

At this time Pate is in the Hardin County Detention Center. He is in solitary confinement as to be expected. He is also under suicide watch.

As I said, Todd Pate inflicted quite a bit of emotional damage to my family. And I want him to pay for that. But I also see he’s inflicted quite a bit of emotional damage to his own family. And I think that is tragic. I feel empathy for his children and their mother. I feel empathy for him, even tho I don’t want to.

I grew up with an alcoholic. My dad is a very kind person, especially when drunk. But I’ve also seen the angry drunks. I don’t know Todd Pate’s personal life and I won’t presume, but he’s been suicidal twice that we are aware and he’s obviously not concerned about taking others out with him. I’ve heard many people testify he’s a great guy, and maybe he is. Until you challenge his authority.. then he’s not so nice. Just because he doesn’t become elevated doesn’t mean he isn’t agressive.

I hope he gets the treatment he needs. I hope his family can heal. I only know him in his professional capacity but I know how he made me feel. I know what he did to me. And I’m still recovering. I still have anxiety attacks from what he did to me. Nothing in my life ever had that impact on me untill Todd Pate slammed my pregnant belly against his car and took my sons.. all because I asked him for, begged him, and demanded a warrant.

I also hope he never steps foot back in Breckinridge County or any other county as a law enforcement officer. I fully support a black list of officers who have violated law. I also fully support a bill that automatically makes any crime an aggravated crime when committed by a law enforcement office or any other public official.

I will personally be contacting the fiscal court and the governors office regarding Sheriff Pates removal from office if he doesn’t voluntarily resign.


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