Storing Photos with iPhones

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I am a hobby photographer. I recall really honing in on it around 14, kind of left it behind in my early 20’s due to lack of equipment and didn’t pick it back up for about 10 years. Currently I own a very nice older DSLR that I never use. Last time I tried to use it the battery was dead and I was not able to find a new charger, the one I ordered online didn’t fit. It’s probably a lost cause at this point. I enjoy the perks of a DSLR but for 99% of my photos I like to use my iPhone.

I have had an iPhone 4s, SE, 7plus and now I use an 11Pro since my 7p met an untimely death thanks to an iffy repair person who was supposed to fix my screen. It wasn’t sealed correctly and the motherboard fried. I lost a lot of photos that were special to me.

The first thing I want to address is iCloud. It’s important to remember that iCloud is not storage, it’s a back up. You have to back it up. If your phone isn’t set for it, it won’t do it. You have to also be in a good internet WiFi to back up. I am not.
I’ve tried Google photos and other drop type sites. They work great at times, but it’s not the kind of storage for me.

I keep my photos organized on my phone. I use albums and try to sort frequently. However the past few months I kind of slacked on it. I’ve had this phone since September 20th. But I have around 10k photos on it. This is not my work phone so this doesn’t include the pet portraits we do. I take a lot of photos and save a lot of memes. So I’ve been reorganizing. This is what my albums look like.

Edit this are photos I want to use at some point but haven’t. iP11p Photography are the photos I have edited or just watermarked. I keep my original photo and copies of any edited pics and watermarked. So there is 2-4 copies of each photo. Finished photos and shareable videos are watermarked and ready to post. When I post my photography online I pull from those folders. I keep all of these on my phone.

Family photos, BLGC (Grooming and Salon Photos) etc. I only keep finished copies on my phone. I watermark all of my photos and most of my videos. So all of these are ready to share. And of course my memes library. Most memes are on my FB page, frequently used or plan to use are here on my phone.

Videos are listed below, but I also make an album. I’ll explain below.

You can see in my photos that I have 3,227 photos and 1,863 favorites. I only use favorites for sorting. What I do when I sort is once it’s assigned an album or albums, it gets a ❤️. So that would show 1,364 photos that I need to sort. You can also see 7,069 photos in my recently deleted. Recently deleted photos are removed after 30 days so you can see I’ve been busy purging this past month and I take a lot of fricken photos.

If each photo is assigned an album, it’s easier for me to keep track of. Like the videos. iOS shows me I have 480 videos. But I don’t want to have to look through 480 videos to find one. So I look in the album it should belong to

I save all my photos on a flash drive. I back up my flash drive on occasion to another flash drive, two layer back up or you can save to external hard drive. I don’t own a computer (sometimes I use my son’s laptop) so I have these that plug directly into my phone and have a USB port on the other end.

This is what the flash drive app looks like on my phone when the flash drive is plugged in (when it’s not plugged in it’s blank) I can choose “File Management” and see my albums on the flash drive.

Or I can transfer and choose the albums before the transfer begins

What I like about this is I can keep a mirror image of my albums. Usually when I save to a computer it just showed iOS folders.

One thing to note, as a photographer I take several photos of the same subject. I immediately delete any photo that is blurry, low quality or otherwise useless. But I will keep multiple versions of the same photo if I feel I can use it.

If you have so many photos you never look at them or can’t find the ones you want to see, it’s probably time to address  some purging and organizing. I hope this helps with your digital photos

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