Super Controversy

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I don’t watch Super-bowls and I don’t have any interest in half time shows but I have a strong opinion on dress code hypocrisy.

2004 Super Bowl is infamous for the wardrobe malfunction heard around the world.

The world went berzerk over a female nipple exposed on live TV.

I’m a fairly modest person and I am not bothered by seeing a woman’s breast, especially not by accident. I support a woman’s right to breastfeed uncovered. I support equality in dress codes.

Last night Adam Levine, who I had no idea existed, went topless during the half time show. I only know of this because of an article I read in my news feed about how many people noticed the hypocrisy.

Most people feel the way I do, who cares. Some of course felt he needed to dress appropriately. Others made comments like this

Men’s breasts or pectoral muscles are not as highly sexualized as the female form

I have no idea where this woman has been but I can assure you that is false. Men’s pectorals are highly sexualized. The issue for some is that it’s ok to sexualize men but it’s not ok to sexualize women. And of course when it is ok to sexualize women it’s even more offensive for breastfeeding mothers to put a baby on their nipple than a sticker…

There is no shortage of photos on FB of men like this

If men’s “pectorals” aren’t sexualized what is the purpose of this image?

I have always been attracted to my husbands shoulders and pecks. Even when he was at his heaviest a few years ago he still had defined upper body. So I laugh when people say that these idiotic laws are applied for sexualization reasons. No, no they are not.

There are groups that are fighting for women’s right to be topless, I’m not even going that far. (Although if you have read more than one of my blogs you would know I don’t support dress code laws). Can we just chill out a little bit and at least stop harassing breastfeeding moms while encouraging men to go topless on half time shows? Maybe don’t worry so much about women’s nipples at all. Super Bowl, your hypocrisy is showing.

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