The Walking Dead

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This show has the best theme song ever. I love how intense it is. It invokes emotions I can’t quite describe. It’s fucking awesome.

I am not a typical TV watcher and when my husband was watching another one of his end of days shows on the laptop I didn’t pay much attention. Until one day I kind of got sucked in. I think it was season two or three. I was asking a lot of annoying questions like I usually do. My husband was like whoa, hold up. If you are into this we can start from the beginning because this is an awesome show.

Ive never binge watched a show until then. We had to watch on bootleg sites and had to wait until the next season started to catch the last one. By the time I caught up I was still a season behind. Even now with Netflix carrying it I won’t see this new season till next fall unless I pay Amazon $4 an episode. Which I won’t.

The original creators of TWD are from Kentucky. My teens read the comic books a few years ago. The original story line followed the book for the most part.

An episode or two into Netflix season 7 I quit watching. If you have seen it, it wasn’t due to events in the show, but because of my own mood and the fact I absorb the emotions of the show. About a month ago I decided to catch up. I’m almost done season 9 and ready for season 10.

 Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

If you are a fan of the show you understand. The characters are well written. You even end up liking the villains at times. Some of the content hits me hard. One of the characters deaths hit me way harder than I ever imagined. Because I’m a season behind I was prepared for it and figured it would be a sad part, but it was so much more intense. I feel connected to the story. I feel like that I would character was real. I hate when books or movies do that to me.

I don’t normally like end of days movies and certainly not zombies, but TWD is a place I could see myself. I’m at a point in my life I would be fine if this was how the world as we know it would end.

Realistically, I’ve been talking lessons from the show. For one, the humans are always worse than the monsters. Never let your guard down. Build good fences. While we enjoy modern conveniences we also like simply and practical old world tools. We have several “keys to the future” and are designing a homestead that can both benefit with modern technology yet sustain when its not available, whether it be for a night or a week or a year. As we are watching with the loss of a power grid in California, I’m reminded of what we need to have prepared. A few years ago Kentucky was shut down for a few weeks due to an ice storm. We need to be able to survive that again.

I hope this show keeps going. It has the ability to double its current run, if not go even longer. While I love the current characters I see the potential of the next generation and an expanded story line.

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