Trayvon Martin

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In February 2012 a national story caught the attention of most everyone and divided us as a nation.

Trayvon Martin, a young black teenager was shot and killed. Many people were outraged that an innconent black teen was murdered, others claimed the teen was a threat and was killed in self defense. I was the latter.

I defended George Zimmerman. From my perspective he was in the right. I supported Florida’s stand your ground law and still do. However I was wrong. I believe Trayvon Martin was murdered.

I am a firm believer that I would rather a guilty man go free than an innocent man go to jail. And it was nearly impossible to prove without a doubt that George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin, but we all know George Zimmerman initiated the aggression. I don’t remember the moment my understanding of it switched, but other events opened my eyes to it. This was bigger than the OJ case, we all know OJ got lucky. In this situation the events are a little more cloudy. It would be a tough call for a jury. George Zimmerman initiated and instigated a situation based on someone’s appearance that led to that person’s death. He is responsible for that.

Seven years after his death, I’ve learned to look at both sides of stories like this. This was such an in the moment incident we could easily find ourselves on either side.

Where do you stand on this? What would you have done differently had you been in the situation of either one of them?

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