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As I think back, I can recognize that I’ve always struggled with communicating my thoughts and feelings correctly. I don’t always understand or recognize my emotions. I tend to keep things to myself. I do I have trouble communicating so that others can understand me. I’m better at writing, but I still don’t feel understood.  I’m quite opinionated tho, so that just makes things more complicated.

I enjoy writing. Most of what I write never gets published. What was published was more of an online journal, The Homestead Journal I did on our family blog. BlessedLittleHomestead.com. Even tho I enjoyed the homestead blog, I feel it’s ran it’s course for the time being. It will be kept up, and at times we will contribute to it.

I want to focus on writing for myself. Not that I don’t enjoy writing about my family, but right now I will just keep those little snippets of daily life on Instagram. This blog is for me to write unprompted, random posts. Where I can write with no expectations and no defensiveness. Where I can put the thoughts and share the stories I feel like sharing publicly. It’s as simple as that.



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